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Air Cooler and Humidifier Fan with 15L Water Tank - White

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Keep cool this summer with this air cooler fan and humidifier. It comes with ice boxes, so you can make the air colder and refreshing. You can change between low, medium and high speeds and adjust between normal, natural and sleep mode to set it how you like. The timer function is useful for night time. This fan swings from left to right, covering a large area.


  • Three functions: ventilates, ice cools, humidifies
  • Using unique cooling technology via ice boxes for colder air
  • Three modes: normal, natural and sleep.
  • Three speeds: low, medium and high
  • 60 ° oscillating function to cover a large range
  • Air filter system keeps the air fresh and clean for hygiene
  • Set an 8-hour timer in hourly intervals for sleeping
  • LED display for easy monitoring
  • Control it via the top control panel or remote
  • Swivel casters with two locking brakes make it super simple to move and relocate
  • Large water tank prevents you from adding water continuously, and visible design for convenience
  • Safety grille ensures the security of children or pets from fan blades
  • Assembly required
Product details

Three functions: This fan cooler offers three functions - ventilation, ice cooling, and humidification. It utilizes unique cooling technology to make the air cooler and fresher. The 60° oscillation covers a larger area, and it also features swivel casters for easy movement and portability.

Considerate design: The fan cooler has a washable air filter mesh that keeps the air circulating fresh and clean, ensuring hygiene. It also has a visible large capacity water tank that provides approximately 10 hours of continuous operation before needing to be refilled. This eliminates the need for frequent refills during work or sleep. Additionally, it has a safety grille to protect children and pets from the fan blades, ensuring their safety.

Nine settings & 8-hour timer: The evaporative air cooler offers nine different settings, including low/medium/high speed and normal/natural/sleep mode, allowing you to choose the most comfortable setting. It also features an 8-hour timer that can be set in one-hour intervals, which is convenient for nighttime use and helps save energy.

LED screen and remote: The fan cooler is equipped with an LED screen and an easy-to-use control panel, allowing you to change settings conveniently. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the settings from a distance, providing added convenience.

Dimensions: 32W x 37D x 74H cm
Water tank capacity: 15 liters
Suitable for rooms ranging from 15 to 20 square meters
Power consumption: 65W

Assembly is required.


Colour: White
Material: ABS
Overall Dimensions: 32W x 37D x 74H cm
Water Tank: 15 L
Suitable for Room: 15-20 m²
Cord Length: 1.5 m
Remote Distance: 5 m
Input: 220-240 V/50 Hz
Power: 65W
Noise: 62dB
Battery: (remote control) 3V CR2025 button battery, included one
Air Filter Cleaning Interval: 1 month
Note: LED screen can't close individually

Package Includes:
1 x Air Cooler
2 x Ice Boxes
1 x Manual
1 x Remote Control

Delivery information
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