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3 x 1.5 ft Fir Wood Storage Shed with 3-Tier Shelves - 87cm x 47cm x 160cm - Outsunny

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Opening up your garden to more space is made easy, thanks to this 2.5x1.3ft storage shed. Inside, there are two shelves to form three areas - great for organizing all equipment, tools, appliances, shoes and outerwear. Made from fir wood, this piece is tough, with a paint covering for extra weather protection. The asphalt roof helps prevent water absorption. Comes complete with a latch lock for security.


  • Fir wood structure is tough and durable, with a protective paint coating
  • Tilted asphalt felt to protect inside against light/medium rain seeping through
  • Two inner shelves create three individual storage areas for handy organisation
  • Two shutter doors for ventilation
  • Latch lock for security
  • Maximum load 20kg
  • Easy to assemble
Product details

THREE INNER COMPARTMENTS: The shed features shelves that allow you to neatly store your tools, equipment, outerwear, and other accessories. It is ideal for gardens and outdoor spaces that require basic storage.

TWO SHUTTER DOORS: The shed has two shutter doors that provide easy access to the interior. The slanted downward-facing panels allow air to circulate inside and out, providing basic ventilation. The doors are equipped with a latch lock for added security.

FIR WOOD STRUCTURE: The shed is made of fir wood, which is suitable for outdoor use due to its toughness and strength. It is also coated with a top paint coat for protection. To enhance its durability, it is recommended to use a wood treatment and cover it during harsh weather conditions.

ASPHALT ROOF: The shed is equipped with an asphalt roof, which prevents light to medium rain from soaking through.

DIMENSIONS: 160H x 87L x 46.5Wcm
Floor: 79L x 39.5Wcm
Each shelf: 77L x 37.6Wcm.

Note: Each shelf in the shed can hold a maximum load of 20kg.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The shed is designed for easy assembly, making the setup process convenient.


Colour: Natural
Material: Fir Wood
Overall Dimensions: 87L x 46.5W x 160Hcm
Floor Area: 79L x 39.5Wcm (0.312m²)
Each Door Size: 36.9W x 140.6Hcm
Each Shelf Size: 77L x 37.6Wcm
Tier Height (from top to bottom): 42cm, 39.5cm, 61cm
Max Load (each tier): 20kg

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The Perfect Shed Solution

The Perfect Shed Solution

Weatherproof and Durable: With sturdy construction, weather-resistant materials, and proper insulation, our sheds ensure your belongings stay safe and protected from the elements.

Organisation Made Easy: Bid farewell to clutter and reclaim control over your surroundings. Sheds provide a dedicated storage haven for tools, outdoor equipment, seasonal décor, and more.

Ample Storage Space: A shed provides a dedicated storage area, keeping your belongings organised, protected, and easily accessible.

Functional and Stylish: Sheds are not just practical; they can be a stylish addition to your outdoor space. You can select a shed that seamlessly blends with your home's aesthetics.


🌿 Elevate Your Gardening Experience

🌿 Elevate Your Gardening Experience

Healthy, Vibrant Plants: Harness the power of ideal growing conditions. A greenhouse allows you to fine-tune factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting, resulting in stronger, healthier plants.

Protect Your Plants: Shield your precious plants from unpredictable elements and pests that can wreak havoc on your garden.

Sustainable Gardening: By growing your own produce, you contribute to a greener world and enjoy the taste of truly organic, homegrown goodness.

Grow All Year Round: With a greenhouse, you control the environment, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, vibrant produce and beautiful blooms, no matter the weather outside.

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