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Silver Spiral Elegance Lamp

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Create the perfect mood in your home with this living room lamp. Its cool spiral design adds a futuristic touch, while the adjustable LED colour temperature (3000K-6500K) lets you customise the brightness to suit your preferences. The sturdy metal structure, along with a square base, ensures balance and stability. Control the lamp effortlessly with the foot switch, allowing you to turn it on/off and adjust brightness with ease. With a 20,000-hour lifespan, this lamp is a stylish and durable addition to your home. Easy assembly makes it a hassle-free choice for your lighting needs.


  • Adjustable LED colour temperature (3000K-6500K) for personalized brightness
  • Foot switch for convenient on/off and brightness control
  • Sturdy metal structure with square base for balance
  • Long power cable for flexible placement
  • 20,000-hour lifespan for lasting durability
  • Easy assembly
Product details

Spiral Floor Lamp Design: This floor lamp features a cool and creative spiral shape, adding a unique touch to your home decor. You can place it in the bedroom, living room, hallway, or study to transform your space and create a stylish atmosphere.

Adjustable Color Temperature: The LED floor lamp offers adjustable color temperature settings, allowing you to switch between warm white, white, and cool white lighting. This versatility enables you to create different atmospheres in your room—warmer tones for relaxed vibes and cooler tones for focused work or tasks.

Metal Structure: The lamp is built with a sturdy and durable metal structure that ensures its strength and stability. Its square base provides a solid foundation, keeping the lamp steady and balanced.

Tall Lamp: Standing at 147cm in height, this floor lamp provides ample lighting coverage, making it suitable for use as a corner lamp or as a central lighting fixture.

Overall Dimensions: 147H x 20.5L x 20.5Wcm.
Base Dimensions: 20.5L x 20.5W x 0.3Dcm.

LED Maximum Power: 10W

Assembly Required.


Colour: Silver
Material: Metal
Overall Dimensions: 20.5L x 20.5W x 147H cm
Base Size: 20.5L x 20.5W x 0.3D cm
Power Cable Length: 1.8 m
Luminous Flux: 600 Lumen
LED Maximum Power: 10W
Colour Temperature: ‎3000-6500 Kelvin
Life Span: 20000 Hours
Input Voltage: 200-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output Voltage: 12V/1A/12W

Package Includes:
1 x Floor Lamp
1 x Manual

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