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Ocean Breeze Blue Toy Box with Safety Hinge

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Elevate children's storage to a delightful level with this charming chest, providing your little one with a special place for shoes, toys, books, and more. Crafted from durable MDF, this sturdy structure is built to withstand everyday use. The chest features air vents on the front and sides, ensuring proper air circulation even when the lid is closed. Equipped with a gas hinge, the lid opens easily and securely holds in place to ensure safety. With a spacious interior for ample storage and a cute, colourful design adorned with stars, this chest adds a fun touch to encouraging tidy spaces.


  • Made from durable MDF for toughness and durability
  • Air vents on the front and sides, with side handles for easy carrying
  • Gas hinge opens the lid carefully and holds it securely in place for safety
  • Large inner space for extensive storage
  • Cute and colourful design featuring stars and a motivating motto
  • For ages 3-6 years
  • Easy to assemble
Product details

COOL AND COLORFUL: Featuring a vibrant blue and white colorway adorned with balloons, stars, and 'sweet hugs' painted all over, this storage unit is not only visually appealing but also fosters a sense of ownership in kids.

LARGE INNER STORAGE: With ample space for toys, books, blankets, and more, this storage solution ensures a clutter-free space in bedrooms and playrooms.

MDF STRUCTURE: Built with a solid and sturdy MDF structure, this storage unit is well-suited for everyday use. Vents on the front and side facilitate air flow, maintaining a fresh interior.
SIDE HANDLES: Designed for easy carrying and movement.

GAS HINGE: The lid opens smoothly, and the gas hinge keeps it securely held open for added safety.

DIMENSIONS: 35.5H x 55L x 34Wcm
Inner storage: 29H x 49.5L x 28Wcm.




Colour: Blue
Material: MDF
Overall Dimensions: 55L x 34W x 35.5H cm
Storage Space Size: 49.5L x 28W x 29H cm
Capacity: 50L
Weight Capacity: 40kg
Net Weight: 8.5kg
Suitable Age: 3-6 years old
Certification: EN 71-1-2-3

Package Includes:
1 x Kids Scooter

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