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Is Artificial Grass Safe For Your Pet?

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Your Pet?

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Your Pet? Artificial grass has become an increasingly popular choice among pet owners due to requiring less maintenance than a traditional lawn and looking great all year round.

Keeping dog areas safe is a priority concern to every pet parent and fortunately, artificial grass is non-toxic - making it a safe option for your furry friend with the addition of a few more benefits for your pet’s quality of life. At Green4Life we’d like to share with you some helpful information you need to know when choosing a new artificial lawn whilst ensuring your pet’s safety.

 dog on artificial grass

Here's what to avoid:

Artificial grass is usually non-toxic and safe for your dog. However, sometimes old artificial grass can have a backing that contains lead, which is toxic to animals and humans if ingested! So, make sure to check the information provided about your desired artificial grass before ordering and avoid products which do not contain information about materials used in manufacturing. Modern artificial turf isn’t harmful so there’s no need to worry, if your dog chews on your newly installed artificial grass. All of our products are lead free and you can choose the right product which meets your needs here

Also, a ‘shock pad’ should be avoided if you have pets. It is a cushioning surface meant for ensuring safety in children’s playgrounds and some people choose to install it under their artificial lawn. Although it can drain rain water, pet urine doesn’t drain through like water does and can leave a smell behind retained by the foamy layer of the shock pad.

 dog on artificial grass


Some advantages of artificial grass for pets:

  • No harmful chemicals

Having an artificial lawn can be safer than a traditional lawn when it comes to your pets chewing on the grass. This is because there is no need for the use of weed killers, pesticides or fertilisers to keep your lawn looking nice so you don’t have to worry about your pet ingesting something that can be harmful for their health. Also, you shouldn’t worry about fleas and other pests as they cannot survive in artificial grass. This will allow you and your pet to be carefree without having to encounter irritating bugs.

  • No more muddy paws

Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy in the rainy days so you don’t have to worry about cleaning muddy paw prints off your floors if your pet runs inside.

  • Hard-wearing

Artificial grass is much more resilient than natural grass, yet it's still soft. It is made of plastic with a durable backing which will prevent your dog from digging and if your pets like to be active, your artificial lawn won’t get ruined by some energetic play.

  • Short grass

Overgrown natural lawns can be quite intimidating for a small animal, but an artificial lawn will always be the right height without the time spent on regular mowing. It will become an inviting and comfortable area for a small pet to play and lay on.

 dog on artificial grass

Here at Green4Life we offer a range of pet-friendly artificial grass. The grass fibres are manufactured using a combination of polyethylene and polypropylene materials which are non-toxic!

Check out our top-selling pet-friendly artificial grass – Harley 28mm Artificial Grass with a PU backing which is less absorbent than the traditional latex backing.

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