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Benefits of Artificial Grass

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Many people are opting for artificial grass as a solution to their garden because of the benefits that artificial turf has to offer compared to natural turf. It is low maintenance and it can resist the unpredictable and sometimes extreme UK weather conditions.

Whether you have an existing natural turf that you’re unable to maintain or grass struggles to grow, or you want to create a new garden space where grass never existed before, artificial grass is the perfect solution. High quality, realistic artificial grass is also versatile as it can be installed on terraces, pool areas, balconies and even indoor areas.

There are many benefits of artificial grass, which include:

Minimal maintenance required

One of the main benefits of artificial grass is that it requires very little maintenance. Unlike natural lawn which requires mowing, watering to maintain its appearance, artificial grass requires none of this. So you enjoy the look of your garden without spending excessive amount of  time to take care of it. To maintain your artificial garden you simply need to hose it down occasionally if there are any stains, pet waste or debris.

Looks great all year round

The appearance of a natural lawn greatly depends on the season and the weather conditions, whereas an artificial lawn will not lose its colour and will look vibrant regardless. At Green4Life we offer high-quality artificial grass that resembles a real freshly mowed lawn, it is UV-protected and weather resistant so you can enjoy the stunning look of your garden all year round.

 No fertilisers, no pesticides, no weeds

Unlike real grass, artificial grass stays green and sleek without the help of a fertiliser. In addition, the material that artificial grass is made of will not provide food or a living environment for bugs, therefore any pest problems are eliminated and you will save your time and resources. Lastly, with an artificial lawn, weeds won’t be a problem as they will be far less prevalent.


Artificial grass is made to withstand harsh weather conditions and high traffic areas. It will still maintain its colour over time as it is UV-protected. While natural lawns where wet weather and years of use can result in patches and puddles which leave the lawn looking messy and harder to maintain. Thanks to the great design and resilient synthetic fibres of the artificial grass we offer at Green4Life, you will enjoy a long-lasting lawn with a hassle-free experience.

Safe for pets and children

Artificial grass is totally safe for children to play on, this is because it doesn’t need fertilisers, pesticides, weed killers or other toxic chemicals. It is also pet-friendly as it is easy to clean and your pet won’t be able to dig holes and track mud through your home.

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